end of tenancy cleaning service stockport 1Last week The Diamond Service carried out an end of tenancy cleaning service in Stockport in a house that hadn’t been cleaned thoroughly since the previous tenants were occupying the property.

The carpets upstairs had gathered a lot of dust around the edges of the room, particularly in hard-to-reach areas such as where beds and wardrobes had been.

Skirting boards and window ledges had also collected a large amount of dust and scuffs over time, and the window glass had become dull due to marks and prints.

end of tenancy cleaning service stockport 1The kitchen had also gathered a lot of dirt and dust, as well as splashes and stains from cooking spills and coffee mug rings. The hob was quite badly stained and the top of the fridge-freezer needed a good scrub.

Having cleaned the worktops, the drawer, oven and cupboard doors, as well as the sink and surrounding areas, we gave the kitchen’s parquet flooring a sweep and a good, thorough mopping.

The whole kitchen looked good as new again.


End of Tenancy Cleaning in StockportNext up was the bathroom, which wasn’t too bad – we gave the sink and taps a good wipe down as well as a clean of the mirror.

The shower, bath and glass wall all received a good clean, as well as the tiles around the shower where mould had started to develop.

We scrubbed the entire toilet basin which resulted in quite the transformation and it was quite easy for us to clean the shelves on the inside of the mirror-cupboard as all contents had been removed.

With the window cleaned, floor hoovered and door handles wiped, the bathroom looked a whole lot better.

The transformation of the house was amazing – the floors downstairs were shining again… the carpets looked brand new… and it was ready for the new tenants to move in…

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end of tenancy cleaning service stockport 1 End of Tenancy Cleaning in Stockport end of tenancy cleaning service stockport 1